10 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

10 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

If you haven’t hired a makeup artist before there are questions that you should ask before you book.

My brides often tell me that their wedding is the first time that they will ever have their makeup applied professionally.  

Your makeup artists and hairstylists will be some of the first people that you see on your wedding day. You need to make sure that they are going to be able to make you look amazing, and help you stay relaxed and calm.

Before you book your beauty team you should meet them to ensure they make you feel comfortable.  After all, you’ll be spending hours with them on your wedding morning.

It is good to come prepared with a list of questions that you can ask.

1. Do you have a portfolio of your work I can look at?

Why do you want to know? It’s important that you look at the makeup style of the artist that you are hiring to make sure that the makeup that they do suits your personal style.

Good artists are able to create a gorgeous look to enhance your unique features.  But there are artists who tend to do the same loo and style for every person that they work on.

Don’t rely on their social media feeds to see their style. If you see a picture that you love, read the caption, to make sure that it’s your artist’s work, and not an inspiration picture that has been reposted.

Make sure that your artist is able to follow your style requests – after all this is your big day and you want to be confident that you are in love with your look. 

Be prepared to listen to your artist’s professional advice as well. Their expertise is the reason that you have hired them.

2. Do you have a website that I can view?

Why do you want to know? A website or a blog is a good indication of how seriously your artist takes their craft. You’ll be able to get a feel for the personality and style of your artist by what they have posted online.

3. Do you do hair and makeup previews before the wedding date?

Why do you want to know? We always recommend a preview before the wedding so that your perfect look can be designed. If you haven’t already read it, head over to our article on Wedding Previews to see what to expect in the preview appointment.

4. On my wedding day do you come to me, or do I travel to you?

Why do you want to know? Many brides choose to have their hair and makeup done at the same location they are getting ready, be it their house, or their hotel.

This is more convenient for the bridal party, as everything can be done in one place.  It  allows the makeup artist and hairstylists (if you are hiring them seperately) to co-ordinate to ensure that everyone is ready on time.

5. Are there any extra charges that I need to know about?

Why do you want to know? Some artists have additional charges to apply lashes (we don’t, as lashes are included as complimentary in our packages), and some makeup artists have special items like touch up kits that can be put together for your big day (touch up kits are included in our packages, but can be purchased separately if you want extra touch up kits for your bridesmaids).

There are costs that are usually added to the price of the service such as parking (if you are getting ready at a hotel, or in a city), travel fees (if your makeup artist is travelling long distances), special services (such as tattoo coverage or airbrushing), and early start fees, to name a few.

6. Do you have a team or will you be the only makeup artist?

Why do you want to know? Depending on the size of your wedding party and the time of your ceremony your artist may need to bring an assistant with them.

Your makeup artist will be able to determine whether they need to bring extra artists. If your artist needs to bring in a second (or third) person there may be additional fees involved.

7. What kinds of products do you use?

Why do you want to know? Most wedding makeup artists will use a variety of brands, and they should be able to discuss with you, at least in a general sense, what they carry.

If you feel strongly about any products – for example you have allergies/sensitivities, or only use vegan products – then you should ask your artist.

8. What kinds of a bridal look would you recommend for me?

Why do you want to know? Asking this question can help you get a feel for your makeup artists’ communication style, and will give you a glimpse into what it will be like working together.

Unless you are asking this at the preview you’ll get a general answer, but it will still help you understand your artist’s style.

9. Do I need to pay a booking fee or retainer to book in my wedding date?

Why do you want to know? Most makeup artists will require you to pay a booking fee before reserving the date, or to book in your makeup preview. 

Makeup artists get booked out quickly, especially during peak wedding season.

10. Do you have a written contract?

Why do you want to know? Having a written contract is a strong sign of professionalism in a makeup artist. 

It should also cover any questions that you might have around fees, cancellation policies and payments that you have.

So there you have it

These are all things that you should discuss with your artist to avoid surprises.

We could spend all day writing a huge list of questions for you to ask your bridal makeup artist, but this is a good start. 

If you think of anything that you want to ask your artist write them down and ask when you are having your preview, or email them through. 

Our goal as Bridal Artists is to make you feel confident and relaxed leading up to your big day, and to look gorgeous on your wedding day, and we are happy to answer any questions.

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