40 Items To Have In Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

40 Items To Have In Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

We hope that your wedding goes off without a hitch – other than when you hitch up with your partner of course.

The best way to make sure that everything goes smoothly is to make sure that you are prepared for anything that comes up.

The Wedding Day Survival Kit goes beyond makeup touchups (although I’ve included that here too).

This list looks large (and it is) – but you don’t need to have full sized items, or full packets, of everything.  Keep everything in a small bag and leave it with someone trustworthy to bring along for the day.

The Touchup Kit

If your bridal package doesn’t include a touchup kit, look at getting these things to keep you looking fresh all day.

Bride’s Lipstick
Finishing Powder
Oil Blotting Paper
Brides nail polish
Clear Nail Polish
Q tips
Lash glue
Lip Balm

The Hair Kit

Hair emergencies happen.  Have your hairstylist brief one of your bridesmaids on how to fix your hair if you decide to take your veil out after the ceremony.

Bobby pins
Hair ties
Mini hairspray

The Bride’s Comfort Kit

Often the bride is too busy on the day to remember to eat or drink.  Make sure that you can keep your energy up all day with food and drinks to keep you going.

Small snacks (museli bar, trail mix, protein balls)
Bottle of water
Individually wrapped straws
Ballet flats for dancing if the bride’s wedding shoes become too painful

The Outfit Kit

Don’t stress out if a button falls off. 

Mini Sewing Kit (safety pins, straight pins, buttons, mini scissors, threads the colour of the bride’s wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dresses and black for the boys)
Hollywood Tape / Fashion Tape
Wet Wipes
Lint remover
Spare Earring Backs

The Freshness Kit

It’s a long day and you’ll be glad to be able to freshen up.

Travel toothbrush

The Medical Kit

Antihistamine (especially if you are having an outdoor wedding)
Blister Pads
Hand Sanitiser
Eye drops
Tampons / Panty Liner

The Details Kit

Wedding day list of key people and their phone numbers
Wedding schedule and relevant maps
Paper / Small Notebook

Most of these items will be perfect for taking on your honeymoon as well, so put it all into the cutest bag you can find and relax, knowing that you can handle anything that comes up.

Wish there was a way to take this with you? Download the Wedding Day Survival Checklist here

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