What’s the most popular wedding makeup look for 2020?

What’s the most popular wedding makeup look for 2020?

Your natural beauty deserves to be seen, and a classic, natural makeup look is perfect for your big day.

Megan Markle’s 2018 wedding set the trend for glowing skin, natural flushed cheeks and relaxed hairstlyes. It’s more than just a trend – natural makeup can enhance every woman’s beauty and I’m glad that it’s continuing in 2020.

Depending on the overall look that you are after you could try a gorgeous bronzed makeup look, which is great for summer and spring weddings. Or a classic makeup look – soft, subtle, smoky eyes, with a nude or a pink lip.

Less can sometimes be more, especially when it comes to your wedding.

Let your makeup artist enhance your favourite feature, and your guests will be commenting on your natural beauty, not just your makeup.



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What makes a ‘natural makeup look’ natural?

Natural wedding makeup looks have beautiful, luminous skin, created with a light foundation, or even a BB cream. Emphasis on the eyes, with a soft, smokey shadow. Lovely blush and lipstick. And a little highlighter, just to make the cheekbones pop.


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This was one of my favourite looks from the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2020 and Jennifer Aniston shows a perfect example of a natural makeup look

Your wedding day isn’t the time to experiment with new makeup looks.
You want to look like the most gorgeous version of in your wedding
pictures – just because it’s your wedding day it doesn’t mean you need
to contour. Your makeup artist will know whether it’s needed or not.

Whether you have hint of color on the lips, or a nude is up to you. I
love a dusty rose lipstick, with a little gloss over the top for a
‘your-lips-but-better’ look.

Lashes should be enhanced, but not overdone. Some mascara and a light
strip lash will bring definition to your eyes, without being heavy.

And other than mascara steer clear of black.

Using other colors such as dark brown, navy, grey or deep purple liner will still define your eyes, without being over-dramatic.



What’s the difference between natural and glam makeup?

Glam makeup is generally a heavier look, more definition and darker colours on the eyes. Foundation is often a fuller coverage, matte formula, and thicker false lashes get applied.

Glam makeup almost always includes contouring, highlighting and ‘baking’.

We can tone down the glam makeup look with a lighter, dewier foundation formula, and keep some of the drama around the eyes. 

Paired with a brighter color on the lip this can make for some stunning bridal looks.

What’s the best way to get the natural makup look?

Your makeup artist will talk to you about the best way to achieve this at your application preview session.

The best natural looks start with great skin, so the earlier you put a proper skincare regime in place, the better. 6-12 months is ideal for a new skincare regime.

You should cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, and exfoliate a few times a week in the months leading up to the wedding.

And don’t forget your body – exfoliate and moisturise well, and if you are looking for a beachy, bronzed look consider a spray tan. If you are going to tan, make sure that you do a test at least a month before – you don’t want to be orange for your wedding.

What to tell your artist to get the look that you want

When designing your wedding day makeup look with your artist make sure that you talk about the theme of your wedding.

When looking at photos of makeup that you love, think about what it is that you like about the photo – is it the way the brows have been defined, the lip colour, the way the hair falls on the face?

Remember that your features are different from the models that you see online, and that often there are filters on photos, that can give unrealistic expectations.

Your bridal beauty look should be a collaboration between you and your artist so don’t be scared to speak up if you’d like something changed, added or removed.

By the end of your makeup preview you should be delighted with your look, and feel confident that your artist will be able to get you looking gorgeous on your big day.

What hairstyles go with natural makeup?

When planning a natural makeup look, your hairstyle should compliment it.
Hairstyles that are too structured, might look out of place, so leave some whispy bits to soften the look.
Try out some soft retro waves, or a loose, curly updo.
Much like your makeup look, this is not the time to be experimenting with styles that stray too far from your normal look.
Are you wondering how to achieve the best hairstyle for your big day? Check out 10 Hair Tips Every Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding

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