How to easily break in your wedding shoes

How to easily break in your wedding shoes

Breaking in new shoes can be a pain.  Literally. 

But there are a few simple things that we can do to make our wedding day more comfortable when it comes to our feet.

Take all the time that you need.

It can take a while for new shoes to become comfortable depending on the style, size and material.

Buy your shoes a few months before your wedding, and spend a little bit of time every day wearing them.

Wear your new shoes around the house

Start wearing them around the house for short periods of time and do this often.

This will help to break them in slowly, and will also give your feet time to adjust

During the breaking in period try wearing them with socks

wear socks with your heelsThe extra padding on your feet will give them that little bit of extra stretch that you might need, and will be a lot more comfortable for you as well

Until they are broken in don’t wear them for a full day, otherwise you’ll probably be a crankypants by the end of the day

Most of us probably want our new shoes to remain looking shiny and new until the wedding day, so this probably isn’t a problem for most.  But it’s worth mentioning.

Get some professional help

There are professional shoe repairers that can help stretch your shoes without the risk of damaging them.   They’ll spray the shoes with a stretching spray then stretch them out with a machine (gently) while it dries

Look for shoes that are comfortable from the start

There are so many option when it comes to shoes that you don’t need to settle for a less than comfortable pair. 

Brands like Bared Footwear, Frankie4 and Naturalizer all have comfortable options.

A lower chunkier heel is going to be more comfortable than a stiletto 

For most of us the extra support of chunkier heel or a wedge heel will let us be much more comfortable and able to get through the day.

If all else fails include a pair of flats in your emergency bag. 

When I got married I walked the aisle in my gorgeous heels, then danced the night away in my Ugg boots (no judgement, it was a winter wedding). 

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