10 Hair Tips Every Bride Should Know

10 Hair Tips Every Bride Should Know

Thanks to Pinterest it’s never been easier to find the perfect hairstyle for your Wedding Day, but even with your hair inspiration sorted it’s not always easy to achieve.

Here are 10 tips from The Melbourne Bride to help you get the perfect hairstyle for your wedding.

1. Bring some inspiration photos

Try to find pictures that show the front, back and side views, to discuss with your hairstylist.  Remember that your hair type, thickness, length and even colour can affect the final look of the hairstyle ( if you have short, thin hair then you may not be able to achieve the voluminous bun braid that you want).


2. Don’t stray too far from your unique style

If you are a ponytail and go kind of girl then perhaps the intricate updo with buns and braids and pearls might not be for you.  Or maybe it is.  Try to choose a style that you will be comfortable in, and that will last you all day.


3. Think about the overall look

Pick a hairstyle that is going to complement your dress, makeup and Wedding theme. It will help your photos look gorgeous and more cohesive


4. Extend yourself!

Your hairstylist might recommend hair extensions so that you can achieve the look that you want.  Extensions can help give you the appearance of more length and/or volume so that you can achieve styles that your natural hair might not be able to do.


5. Pick the perfect products

Now is the perfect time to up your product game.  Wedding or not you should try and stay away from shampoo and conditioner that are too harsh for your hair. Stripping the natural oils away from your hair and scalp can contribute to hair breakage and dullness.   Stay away from products with heavy silicones – these coat your hair making it look shiny but can make it really hard to hold a style.

If you are unsure about the best products for your hair type speak to your hairdresser or wedding stylist who will be able to make recommendations for you.


6. Have regular haircuts

In the leadup to your wedding get regular trims so that your hair is in the best shape it can be for your wedding day.  Trimming regularly means that your hair will be more even, with less flyaways


7. Plan Ahead

If you have your hair newly coloured, permed, or treated, have it done at least a couple of months before your wedding date. The extra time will soften your style a bit, so it looks more natural. Also, it will leave enough time for any corrective work to be done, just in case it’s not exactly what you want.

Once you and your hairdresser know the style and colour you need you can have your final colour touchup and trim the week before your wedding


8. Washing

Most hairstylists will ask you to wash your hair the night before your wedding and let it air dry, without adding any products.  This allows some of your natural oils to replenish so that your hair is easier to work with and will hold the style for longer.

Avoid using leave in conditioners, or doing deep treatments in the days leading up to your wedding as your hair can become too soft to hold a style.


9. Pack an emergency hair kit

Your hairstyle should last you through until the last dance, but an emergency mini hairspray, some bobby pins, extra hair ties and a comb will help you address any hair emergency.

For more ideas on a Wedding Day Survival Kit check out our article


10.  Get some help

If you are wearing a veil that you may want to remove after the ceremony make sure that your bridesmaids know how to help you to remove it without messing up your do. Ask your hairstylist to show them before once they have finished your hairstyle

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